Album: The Influence (2005)

Song: A New Tattoo

Bitrate: 160kbps

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Cebu-based(Philippines) independent act Urbandub, authors of such tracks as "Come" and "Soul Searching", have been around the cebu music scene since mid 2000 and have released its first full-length album the following year. Titled BIRTH, the album features 10 tracks of what can only be described as "Urbandub Music". Always trying to be unique and ultimately, original, the band is known for its constant experimentation, layered and textured guitars, and the soaring vocals of its vocalist and main songwriter, Gabby Alipe.

The group has steadily been gaining nationwide attention, due partly to the growing popularity of their single "Soul Searching" (which won "Song Of The Year" in the recent NU107 Rock Awards X), and partly to the group's recent foray to the burgeoning Manila scene.